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Solid Waste Disposal

Tattnall County contracts weekly curbside garbage pickup to Sullivan Environmental Services of Vidalia. County residents also contract with Sullivan on an individual basis for private solid waste containers.

The cities of Reidsville, Cobbtown, Collins and Glennville also contract their garbage pickup services to Sullivan and the city of Manassas provides service under the county contract.

Tattnall County encourages recycling and provides three convenience centers for the disposal of batteries, white goods, tires, furniture and other bulk items. These centers are located in Collins, Glennville and Reidsville and there is no charge to use them.

Tattnall County does not have a composting/mulching program. The county encourages its residents to take their yard trimmings to the mulch site at Rogers State Prison near Reidsville.

The cities of Cobbtown, Collins and Reidsville offer curbside pickup of lawn trimmings at no charge to their residents. The cities of Glennville and Manassas do not provide this service and they urge their residents to utilize the mulch site at Rogers.

Call 912-557-4335 to arrange for service if you live in the county or call your city hall if you live in one of the five cities.