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Job Training Opportunities

One-Stop Career Centers are designed to provide a full range of assistance to job seekers under one roof. Established under the Workforce Investment Act, the centers offer training referrals, career counseling, job listings and similar employment-related services. Customers can visit a center in person or connect to the center's information through PC or kiosk remote access.

Assistance is provided to adults, youths, welfare recipients and dislocated workers by coordinating and collaborating with partner agencies and all stakeholders in forming a new, comprehensive workforce investment system.  The cornerstone is a network of customer-friendly One-Stop service delivery Centers. Tattnall County is served by Heart of Georgia Altamaha Area Job Training Unlimited, 7 South Duval Street, Claxton, 912-739-7158.  This program is responsible for training and retraining potential workforce employees.

Workforce Development Services Offered in the HOGARC Region include:

Individual Training Accounts

Individuals Training Accounts allow individuals to receive training from eligible training providers such as Technical Schools, Colleges, and Universities. Specialized training is also available. The maximum limit of the individual training account is $6,000 for a maximum duration of two years. The Workforce Investment Act will pay for the remaining balance of Tuition and Books after HOPE pays. If the customer is not eligible for HOPE all of the Tuition and Books will be paid by the workforce investment fund.

On-The-Job Training (OJT)

On-the-Job Training or OJT, is a program provided by the Workforce Investment Act to assist eligible customers with finding employment. An employer hiring an OJT customer will be reimbursed up to 50% of the employee's wages for a specified training period. The training period is usually a minimum of four to six weeks, but can be as long as six months for a highly technical job. The OJT customer is assigned a Case Manager to assist with any problems or needs the OJT customer may have.

Year-Round Youth Program

The year-round Youth Program is designed to better equip youth with the ability to obtain and maintain employment. The Youth Program provides training, work experience, and tools to help them become successful in the workplace. The youth will learn time management, communication skills, business etiquette, and proper work ethics. The youth program also provides an opportunity for the youth to earn money through work experience.

Welfare To Work

Welfare to Work funds are funds that have been set aside by the Department of Labor to assist welfare recipients reaching their 48 month life time limit to supplement their income while making the transition from welfare to work. These funds are to be used to help the welfare recipient learn how to budget their income until they become self sufficient. These funds are to be used to help pay rent, utility bills, car insurance, tires, etc.

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