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Watermelon Creek Vineyard

What is Home today at Watermelon Creek Vineyard, began on the banks of Watermelon Creek in 1820. It was then that three members of the Padgett family settled and began a legacy that forged its influence on agriculture, business, and spiritual life in Tattnall County for over 150 years.  Once the site of a sawmill, grist mill, turpentine still, barrel making, general store, post office, and the Padgett home place, Watermelon Creek Vineyard now flourishes as a testimony to the love, labor, and devotion that the Padgett family dedicated to this area.

The proprietors, Charles and Deborah Tillman, and family restored and occupy the original home. In 2012, Watermelon Creek Vineyard was born as a destination venue and full service Georgia farm winery with Tasting Room and Vineyard Store. The 15-acre site includes The Barn Yard, The Pond, The Mill House, The Vineyard, Watermelon Creek nature area, and the Winery Complex.

Featuring Georgia Grown muscadine wines and edibles, local artisan crafts and creations, and events throughout the year, you will feel right at Home at Watermelon Creek Vineyard, so plan your visit today. 

In the tasting room, you can relax while sipping from any of  the winery's bottles and enjoying a collection of small plates which include cheese, bruschetta, selections of baked delicacies, and chocolate. Wander the room displaying artifacts and memorabilia found during the restoration of the family Home place. Salved brick and cypress complement the décor and lend warmth to the two-story space. Equipped with a full kitchen and 17-foot tasting table/bar, selections of fresh fruit, bruschetta, and crackers are also available to satisfy every palette.

Reprinted from the Watermelon Creek Vineyard website.