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The Way We're Governed

Georgia counties were originally created as administrative subdivisions of state government to carry out a variety of state programs and policies, including collecting taxes, overseeing elections, conducting courts of law, filing official records, maintaining roads and providing for the welfare of their residents.

The position of county commissioner was created nearly 100 years later, in 1868, to administer the general operations of the county. Over the years, the sole commissioner was replaced by boards of commissioners in 150 of 159 Georgia counties and Georgia is now the only state with counties governed by a sole commissioner. Beyond the powers assigned to the constitutional officers, the board of commissioners is the county governing authority and fills the primary policy-making role and oversees the executive function.

Tattnall County  is governed by a six-member commission with the chairman elected at large and five members elected by district. to serve four-year terms. The commission elections coincide with statewide elections.

The board enacts resolutions and ordinances for the general health, safety and welfare of the residents of Tattnall County.  It is also responsible for developing and approving the annual budget, authorizing expenditures, levying taxes necessary to finance the operation of the county, maintaining county infrastructure and planning for future service needs. 

Tattnall County operates under a Commission-Manager form of government. The Board appoints the County Manager and County Attorney.  The County Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of County departments and has the authority to appoint and remove department heads. 

The Tattnall County Board of Commissioners is assisted by a number of appointed boards, councils, commissions, committees and authorities.

In addition, commissioners make appointments to a variety of other authorities and boards throughout the county, region and state, who serve in advisory capacities for specific projects, services or facilities. These operate outside the direct supervision of the county government.

Generally speaking, terms such as board, council, commission, committee and authority are interchangeable in county government. The groups vary in size and responsibility. Some bodies are created for a specific length of time, while others are ongoing in their assistance to the Board of Commissioners.

An authority is a political body enabled or created by the Georgia General Assembly. It has specific powers not available to county commission-created boards or committees, such as the power to issue revenue bonds, purchase property or execute contracts. Authorities can be established for a specific length of time or for an ongoing period of assistance.

Certain qualifications are required to hold positions on some boards, commissions, committees or authorities. These qualifications are stipulated in either the Cobb County Code or the Georgia Code.

As a resident of Tattnall County, you are urged to offer your services on a volunteer basis to these Boards and Authorities. If you are interested in serving on a county board please contact the county manager at 912-557-4335 or click here.